Kanegawa no Mori

Sometimes you spent a whole day out with your friends and kids and you were so busy to take pictures and you look back into those pictures and say, ‘Ohhhh, I should’ve taken more pictures’.

Yesterday (23/09/2018) was Autumnal Equinox and it’s the first day if Autumn. We went to Kanegawa no Mori and met our friends there for a picnic and just to spend time together. When we reached the park, we were looking for a place to have picnic but we couldn’t find a nice quiet place as there was some program going on in the park. There were so many mosquitoes and we forgot our insect repellent spray. The kids are super allergic to insect bites and it was really crazy. We actually came home with so many bites that it’s almost difficult to immediately sleep at night especially for poor Matthew. He got bitten in more than 20 places and he’s been scratching himself. Poor little guy 😢

Anyway, they had a lot of fun otherwise. After eating food, we fed fishes, enjoyed our time in the museum and even played in the water for sometime. Then we went to another part of the park where the kids could just play on their own and even rent a bike and practice some traffic rules. We stayed there till the sunset then it’s time to say ‘bye’ to our friends.

Here are just few pictures I have yesterday 😢


Our Happy Place



Let me introduce you to one of our favorite park around where we live. It is called ‘Fujiyoshida Shiritsu Suwanomori Natural Park’ and in simple words ‘Fuji Pines Park’. It has walking trails all around the park and has pond with fish, picnic area, barbecue area, a small river and also a big ground to just play around with your loved ones.


We love this place so much that we could spend our whole day if we could. Growing up around trees and nature, it is my dream to make my kids love nature as much as I do and I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful place surrounded by nature.


If ever you are in Fujigoko area and would love to spend time with your family and enjoy nature, this is the place to be. I know I know, there are so many other places too ❤️


The best part is the scene in each season is different and beautiful in their own way and yes, you can view Mt. Fuji from there too.


xo Mawii

Useful Tips

C43FB4F6-E19F-4E67-8DA6-3C7ABC4C27F7Living in Japan without being able to speak the language and read the language can be very challenging at times especially in the countryside where no one speaks English. And I will be sharing some useful stuffs here, so that life will be easier for other Moms like me 😊 For example, informations on useful drugstore finds, etc. And I will also try and update occasionally.

Please feel free to ask me if you have any questions, and I will try my best to help you. Thank you!

XOXO Mawii

OK!! Let’s get going:

Heat Rash – I developed a really bad heat rash during our camp this Summer and it was difficult to even sleep at night as it was very itchy. So here is one good cream you can buy from the drugstore and it helps too.

Diaper Rash – Mia developed a really bad rash recently and since it was on Saturday and we couldn’t visit the doctor, as a Mom I had to do some research and I found out about this cream. After giving her a bath and cleaning the effected place well, we applied this cream and she slept off peacefully and by morning the rash was almost completely healed.

Visit to the Dinosaur Park

When you become a parent, it’s not all about you anymore” – Carre Otis

On August 1, 2018, we were on our way to our annual camping site in Nagano and since we left home early in the morning and our check-in time at the camp site was at noon, we decided to take the kids to Chausuyama Dinosaur Park.

We reached the park really early and there was no one. I even thought we were at the wrong place. The kids were really surprised as we didn’t tell them about it. They’ve been watching a dinosaur show called ‘Land Before Time’ and when they found out that we were in a dinosaur park, that excited happy faces were all we wanted to see.

It was not the best time to visit that park as it was on a hill and it was really hot and sunny. We weren’t prepared at all and we didn’t even bring our water bottles. Poor Mel had to go back down and bring our water bottles from the car after we almost reached the top of the hill.

The kids climbed on most of the dinosaurs available and they had a really great time. Like they say, ‘Happy kids, happy parents’

We were supposed to meet our friends in the park but they were not as interested as our kids were so they waited for us near the entrance of the park.

The park has lots of activities for kids so we took quite sometime. It is a really good place to hangout as family. There were lots of picnic area as well. But like I mentioned earlier, I don’t suggest going to this place during a hot Summer day. The ideal time to visit would be during Spring and Fall when the weather is cool.

All that matters when you’re a parent is ‘Let them be happy’

xoxo Mawii

Here’s a link to the website of the park


Train Museum

On September 16, 2018, we visited The Railway Museum in Saitama-shi which is about 127 kms from where we live. It was our second visit to this place and the first time we visited, Mia was only 3 months old and now that she is 2, she was really excited. Even Matthew was super excited as our friends came along with us.

Showing off their tickets at the entrance

They were all running around trying to go inside all the trains and sit on the seats until they realized that they were hungry. All of us ate a delicious Udon at the Museum Restaurant while watching the trains and shinkansens passed by. I guess we annoyed an old couple sitting opposite to our table as we screamed everytime a shinkansen passed by.

We even experienced driving train by ourselves and Matthew got caught speeding as he went over the speed limit on the track and we had to wait for few minutes until we could move again. He didn’t understand what was going on as everything was in Japanese. He kept asking his Dad why we are not moving.

I have crazy kids

If you fight, you share 🙊[[[[[[[[

Waiting for the train show to begin

We went on a train date but we are still shy ☺️

Yep!! We have one excited girl

We left the museum around 5:30 p.m. and Mia didn’t even make it to the parking lot. Even the two boys slept off immediately when we left the parking lot. It was a good day and we all had a lot of fun. ‘When kids are having fun, that means we are having fun too.’

A picture to remember our visit

Even though the museum was really crowded and even though we didn’t get to enjoy everything, we had fun and that’s all that matters.

Here a link to the museum website:


XOXO Mawii

Hike to 7 Waterfalls of Kawazu

It was an exciting day on August 14, 2018. We left home around 5 a.m. and headed to Shimoda for our 3 days camping. The kids were still sleepy and we just changed Matthew and as for Mia, we just took her in her pajamas. We left home early as we wanted to do a little hike and see the 7 Waterfalls of Kawazu on the way to or campsite.

We reached the hiking area around 7 a.m. and met up with our camping partners. The kids were so happy to see each other and in fact they were over excited, I should say. It was a beautiful day and perfect morning to do our little hike. It was still early so there was no crowd and it was just perfect. The waterfalls were all so beautiful and and the farther we go, they seem to get better and more beautiful. We all had a lovely time and no doubt we will surely do the hike again.

Here are some more pictures that we took during the hike:

Hope you enjoy the lovely pictures.

XOXO Mawii

A Road Less Travelled

The kids are all excited when we are outside so it is not a problem for us to take them for a long hike or a short hike. They are just happy to be out in nature.

Sometimes, we like to take the road less travelled because we are more able to enjoy the nature peacefully without any crowd.

We went to Fujikawaguchiko and wore our warm clothes as it was a gloomy cloudy day. We are stubborn people, we decided to go up on a hill to see the lake from a higher observatory area but we end up taking a short hike. It was fun just to be ‘us’ in nature. We collected sticks, jumped on acorns and listen to the sounds it makes when it cracks, and we saw trees which have fallen down. We learned how the water from the lake comes out from the outlet to another place so it will not flood the area. We had a yummy dinner at an Indian Restaurant before we head home.


Mawii ❤️

Here are some of the pictures that we took:

Off she goes…. and then she falls down!!! (This is Mia) 😬[[

Second Observation Area

They wanted to go on….

So we moved on up and up….

Matthew was sad because the road was not clear

But he jumped on… anyway!!!

Many fallen trees

Let’s keep moving …. !